Things I Learned From Mama

This is my way of erasing bad memories I have of my childhood, though I cannot promise that this would be effective in erasing all of burying them, one thing from sure it would give sentimental feelings a room in my heart .  I am enumerating some of the things I learned from my mother through the years that we lived together in one roof.  Though she was not a perfect mother or a close to that effect, I know she's a good person with a good heart. And though she was not a prayerful or a churchgoer but she was as friendly and graciously as any good Christian could be. Around her friends and neighbors she maintained a healthy sense of humor, she was generous in helping others sometimes to a fault. Mom always made it a point that her company would feel at ease. She welcomed with warm greetings even strangers. I guess this is one of the many beautiful things I learned and inherited from my mom, her friendliness and hospitality.

So in honor of her and her memories I am sharing and remembering the things I most loved about her.

1.  Don't talk while you eat or your mouth is full. It's a big no to talking while chewing your food.

2.  Don't talk back. As a sign of respect to elders we were given strict rules not to hit back or react.

3.  Never waste food on the plate. We were taught to eat and finish all even the morsel.

4.  Share foods with neighbors. She would cook not only for us but for our neighbors.

5.  Always ask permission when you take things or  borrow, and always return them in time.

6.  Don't peep, eavesdropped, or join in an adult's conversation. It's a big no-no.

7. Maintain good manners at all times.

8.  A parent's blessing is  very important.

9.  Eat together. Wait for others to come to table.

10. Always help others.

And there's more that I practiced everyday that became part of my system.



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